Long-term Care Planning (ALTCS Application)

There are generally three ways to provide for the payment of long-term care costs-private payment, long-term care insurance, or ALTCS (long-term care assistance government program in Arizona).  If the first two are not viable options for an individual who wishes to protect assets for himself, his spouse, or his heirs against the devastating costs of an extended stay in a long-term care facility, then he must arrange his financial affairs so that he will qualify for ALTCS to pay these expenses as soon as possible.

Nursing home care is expensive. Costs can exceed $7,800 per month. The cost of healthcare and long-term care is skyrocketing.  Affordability is a concern for most people.  Planning for incapacity allows you to preserve many of your hard earned assets as well as be eligible for ALTCS. We can assist disabled adults and their families navigate the confusing laws surrounding ALTCS planning. When Elder Law Attorney , Michael G. Kelly, assists with the ALTCS Application, substantial savings of assets and money can be achieved.


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