The older we get the more conscious we become of the need to put something in place to protect our heirs from the hardship of a death without estate planning. The present time is always the best time to take care of that.

            Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where there is a need to change arrangements we have already made, for instance:

  • We have an older trust that was made for reasons that are unnecessary now. For example the threshold for being liable for any estate taxes has increased from about $600,000 to about $12 million dollars in the last 20 years, yet people still have overly complex trust documents to deal with estate tax liability.
  • Things have changed over time and you want to change your beneficiaries.
  • You have a trustee that you no longer want to have serve, or who has died, and you want to make a change.
  • You have a beneficiary who does not manage their money effectively and you want an alternative to leaving them a huge sum of money all at once.

Again, there is no time like the present to address these types of issues. Arizona Mobile Attorneys has extensive experience in this area and we stand ready to assist you in this endeavor.

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