I don’t know what I would have done without you. I am so grateful for you and Mary, caring for me but most of all for my Aunt. I’m very grateful. I thank God for leading me to you and walking me through this journey.

I will most certainly refer you to anyone I know in Arizona.

Thank you,


I went to attorney Michael Kelly after learning that my husband needed long-term nursing home care and that it would cost upwards of $230 per day. It was the best decision I could have possibly made. Michael noticed immediately that my Powers of Attorney were not adequate to allow me to engage in Medicaid Planning. He went into the Probate Court and got an order that allowed us to proceed with the necessary actions to get my husband eligible and keep him eligible. He also successfully appealed several attempts by our Medicare Insurer to terminate Medicare coverage early while we were working on the Medicaid eligibility. Finally he engaged in detailed planning to assure my husband was eligible as soon as our Medicare coverage legitimately ended and that an application was timely filed to prevent liability for private pay to the nursing home.  As a healthy woman in her early 70s I also greatly appreciated the estate planning Michael did for me once my husband was taken care of. I have many years left to live.

The elder care advisor on staff answered my questions about insurance coverage for my husband’s medications.  From her research, she assured me that my husband is placed in a good nursing home and suggested other nursing homes to compare in aiding my decision-making process.


I am serving as the Guardian for my best friend. He was placed in a long term care facility and our accountant referred us to Mr. Kelly after advising us we needed to take steps to preserve his assets due to the high cost of long-term care.  Mr. Kelly was able to assist us in timely getting my best friend eligible  for long-term care Medicaid, applying for it, and dealing with the Medicaid agency. In addition Mr. Kelly was able to preserve my best friend’s right to his estate plan by assuring that most of his assets were distributed in accordance with it. He was an absolute savior! We are so thankful to him!