Probate is an area of law that deals with two basic areas: distribution of property belonging to persons who have died (decedents’ estates) and ongoing care and maintenance of persons (Guardianships and Conservatorships) who are not able to make financial and healthcare decisions for themselves. Probate matters are administered by the various county probate courts in Arizona.

When a person dies with property solely in their name that property must be distributed through their probate estate under the supervision of the probate court. We can help with getting a probate estate established in the probate court and assisting in the administration of the probate estate to assure proper settlement and distribution of that estate in as swift a manner as the law allows.

Many tax issues arise when dealing with estates. Michael G. Kelly, Attorney at Law is a Certified Practitioner in Individual and Small Business Taxation. He is able to deal with complicated tax issues and assist the executor so that to minimize or nullify any future tax issues.

When living persons are no longer able to care for themselves and make life care decisions, a proceeding must be commenced in probate court to obtain a Conservatorship and Guardianship. This is often referred to as “Living Probate”.  We first look at more private and cost effective alternatives to Guardianships and Conservatorships. If these alternatives are unavailable, we can help you petition the court for and maintain these court -supervised adult protection mechanisms.

Our probate services are centered on your need to save money, protect privacy, and minimize family conflict. We choose the most efficient process for your circumstances that will move you through the process as quickly as possible and allow you to focus on the future.



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