Elder Financial Abuse, Exploitation, & Fraud

Elder Abuse – Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults

We assist vulnerable adults including senior citizens and persons with disabilities who have been exploited for a financial or property-related gain.

Someone close to the victim-a family member, caregiver, or neighbor- may take advantage of the victim by convincing the victim to put the perpetrator on the victim’s bank account or house title.  The victim could be coerced into investing in scams, inappropriate investments, or donating money against the victim’s best interests.

Someone close to the victim could influence the victim to change their estate plan – will, trust, deed, power of attorney – in favor of the perpetrator. Beware of a situation is which a vulnerable person is isolated and told not to share financial dealings with their children and lawyer and to keep it a secret.

It is common for financial abusers to take advantage of an elder’s weakened state after an illness, an accident, or the death of a spouse. Individuals who are dependent on someone to care for them can be the victims of fraud and exploitation by caregivers and family. Items from the home can be stolen when the victim is in the hospital and the victim can be charged outrageous fees for services. There could be inappropriate transfers of assets.

Financial exploitation can leave a vulnerable adult with little financial resources and decrease their quality and enjoyment of life. Elder abuse also involves physical and emotional abuse and we refer these cases to other attorneys who focus on physical and emotional abuse.

Avoid the pitfalls of ineffective estate planning. We offer estate planning options such as power of attorney, beneficiary deed or pay on death account. These options safeguard the elderly’s assets from many of the risks of joint bank accounts which are subject to tax liens, judgements, divorce liability and other implications against the other account holder. The account could be wiped out before the elder is aware. Effective estate planning allows a trusted person to manage assets on behalf of the elderly individual and execute the desired estate plan upon the death of the elder.

We have knowledge and empathy regarding financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. Call us for a Free Consultation about how we can help you if someone has taken advantage of you or your elderly or disabled family member through fraud or deceit. When unscrupulous techniques are used to obtain assets prior to the elderly individual’s death or to influence the individual’s estate plan, we act on behalf of the estate and the intended heirs to prove the deception and return these assets to the estate for proper distribution. We are here to protect the rights of vulnerable adults to enjoy their property and to pass it on to those for whom it was truly intended on death.

We are committed and diligent defenders of the rights of vulnerable adults. We will prosecute cases of fraud and financial elder abuse to the fullest extent possible. Arizona law permits injured citizens to sue for and recover in civil court up to three times the amount of their damages, plus court costs and attorney’s fees.


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