It’s time to ring in a new year and, with it, an excellent time to review your estate plan.  If you need changes or help, contact an elder law/estate planning attorney. In the meantime here is a list of things to consider in reviewing that plan:

  • Were there any life changes such as death, birth, marriage, divorce, a move out of state, family relationship issues, or disability?  
  • Do you own real estate in another state, moved from another state, or own a business?
  • Do you have minor children, problem children, or no children?
  • You wish to change beneficiaries or otherwise disinherit someone;
  • Review your beneficiaries on Trusts, bank accounts, life insurance, 401k, retirement accounts, and investments to make sure they exist and this follows your estate plan;
  • If you have a Trust verify that all assets intended for the Trust are titled to the Trust;
  • If you have a partner that you are not married to proper estate planning can give both of you the ability to help each other legally and inherit from each other if you so choose;

If you do not have an estate plan or are not sure where to start in reviewing your estate plan an elder law and estate planning attorney can be invaluable in helping you with this task. 

At Arizona Mobile Attorneys we stand ready to help with any or all of these issues.