My father is in need of more care. He wants to stay at home. How can we get help paying for homecare? He is a Korean War Veteran

Long-term care is a very expensive option whether you are in a nursing home or having the skilled nursing and other assistance coming into your home.

You may be able to get government assistance to help pay for long-term care if your father qualifies. As a veteran he may be eligible for Aid and Attendance assistance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) as well as assistance from the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS).

As a war veteran over the age of 65 your father may attain basic VA Aids and Attendance Pension financial eligibility, if he has combined assets and income of $130,773 or less. In addition he will have to show a need for assistance with two activities of daily living, or a showing Alzheimer’s disease, or a mental condition rendering him dependent on care.

In order to maximize benefits it is important to show that he is spending more on care than his income will cover. The VA benefit for Aids and Attendance for a single person is currently $23,238 per year, which is reduced dollar for dollar by any income that is in excess of care expenses.

ALTCS medical eligibility is similar to VA medical eligibility. ALTCS financial eligibility has an asset limit of $2,000 (Neither ALTCS nor VA count a residence, one car, and household goods and furniture as assets). ALTCS can provide additional care when needed, beyond what VA would provide for. In addition ALTCS has an income limit of $2,382.

In order to take advantage of these programs your father will likely need to reduce the assets that VA and ALTCS would count in determining eligibility. In addition income that is counted must also be dealt with to obtain eligibility. This typically is a complicated process that requires considerable planning and guidance in its execution. It is important to retain an attorney who is well versed in elder law, including VA and ALTCS benefits, in order to successfully become eligible for these programs while protecting assets for the veteran and his family. Arizona Mobile Attorneys has the experience and ability to help reduce countable assets and income in order to accomplish these goals.