Business Law

Entity selection is very important. We assist clients with choosing their best course to follow their goals whether they want to minimize their exposure to liability or reduce their tax obligation-Michael G. Kelly, Attorney At Law, is a Certified Practitioner in Individual and Small Business Taxation.

We review business entities including LLCs, Partnerships, Corporations and S Corporations.  We establish your business by filing the necessary documents with the Arizona Corporate Commission.  We also prepare and file annual tax return(s) (1040,1065,1120 and 1120S).

We review and write contracts to effectively protect your business interests and also assist with shareholder/operating agreements. Business disputes are handled in a way to minimize costs. Our goal is to reach an agreement without going to court that serves both sides, and maintains an on-going business relationship with both parties.

Buying and Selling a business is a very legally complicated transaction. We can help you with the process in a very efficient way and minimize costs. We assist with purchase agreements, sale of a business or transfer of ownership stake, mergers and acquisitions.

Services include:

  1. employee contracts and restrictive covenants
  2. construction contracts
  3. commercial leases
  4. commercial property transactions.
  5. business succession planning
  6. non-compete agreements


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